Light means energy consumption. There is a wide range of lighting sources. Typical barrier to start saving is high costs, both light source and installation. That leads to long payback . There is also a lot of central light mannagement systems on the market, but they are based on decreasing light output by decreasing voltage and can offer poor 10-15% saving.

We talk about cost effective and easy to install 40-60% saving rate without light level decrease.

Most industrial utilities use T8 arba T12 fluorescent fixtures with electromagnetic ballast. Whole consumption is lamp power (makes light) and plus about 40% ballast losses (that we can cancell). We can even leave the old fixture and not even to get inside. Means renovation is sophisticated as just lamp replacement.How – let‘s use T5. Standard lenght of T5 is shorter than T8 or T12, means space remaining to use adapter with electronics inside.

No reflector:

Installed in Girių Bizonas (IKEA company) in summer 2008. T8 was replaced with T5. Brightest line – Terra Light. Saving rate 42%, payback less than half a year.

With reflector:

Shopping center Klaipedos Statybines Medziagos year 2009.
Brightest line – Terra Light. Saving rate 65%, payback less than a year.

For high bay normally metalhallides are used. Their disadvantages – loosing brightness quickly, expensive replacement, limited ON/OFF time. Can be replaced with T5HO.
Replaced in Boen Lietuva spring 2009. saving rate 36%, payback around 2 years (new fixtures included – alluminum casing, tempered glass cover, IP65).

Metallhalide 250W

TerraLuma 160W – we can clearly see improvement of light level and colour rendering. Cancelling stroboscopic effect was additional benefit for the customer.


We also offer light mannagement like DALI . You should just know – investment is higher and You must be carefull about saving rate increase – each case must be well analysed.

And – You are probably amazed finding here nothing about LED. Let‘s compare – 1W LED gives around 90 lumens and costs about 3 Euro. 1W T5 gives us the same 90 lumens and costs about 30Eurocents. Who wants to pay 10 times more for fashion?
Once again, we provide cost efficient energysaving solutions, not building expensive monuments to energy saving.