Best investment

Wellcome dear Investor.

We guess You have some expierence in stock market, shares and funds. After economy crunch we guess You are not very happy. Best what You expect is safety and max 12% annual return.

Investment to energy saving is at least 30% annual. Risk is definitely lower. Point is You buy property located in a factory, which saves energy ( works for You) nonstop.

How it works:
There are 3 participants in the project. One is naturally investor. Another is factory with high saving possibility. Third is energy saving company, which knows how to save and can take care of action. After project ready, factory simply pays agreed part of saved to investor instead of paying high energy bill. Your profit related to energy price – only increase possible.

Maximum risk – factory can have problems. Even then investor owns property which can be easily used for the same purpose elsewhere. This is definitely better than to own some part of something somewhere without any chance to understand who and how rules that.

Right now we can offer projects with 2 Years of successful history.