Who we are

Mission – energy saving in buildings and industry.

Expierence – HVAC – 20 years, motor controlls – 11 years, lighting – 6 years, geothermal and heat recovery – 7 years.

We act - as cheap airlines do. Less comfort, anyway You move fro A to B for halfprice.

No super offices, no long term stock, no salaries for bunch of marketing professionals, no paper advertising and big booths in exhibitions. Customer doesn’t pay for that.

Means company running costs are minimal and we can supply best quality products at much lower prices than it is typical on our market. That is important in energy saving area, cos investment size is proportional to payback period size.

Negative side of doing this way – longer delivery time and minimal order quantity requirement. We can’t do retai, sorry.

We buy – directly from factory. This makes possible to avoid costs for distributors and subdistributors. Mostly factories are located in China, capital is EU or US. We buy from same factories for more than four Years, quality is proven.

Our way of doing business is well accepted by lot’s of customers, please have a look at “News” or “Our Customers”.