PF correction

Reactive power – is just a clause in Your electric energy bill and part of row for active energy (losses in cables). Both can be reduced simply installing components for compensation (capacitors, contactors, controllers) in certain places.

That can be new equipment:

Or correction/update of Your existing system using existing parts, replacing dead ones, adding necessary amount.

So we offer system for Your demands, not standard equipment fitting Your demands more or less.

We use traditional components (capacitors + contactors). Thyristor switches we can supply, You should just know they are expensive (payback period increase) and they are sensitive to power quality (limited warrantee).

Biggest system we install – Retal Europe 2600kVar new equipment in summer 2008. Most sophisticated – AB Klaipėdos Mediena, 1920 kVar, renovation, end of 2009. More by customer – have a look at Our Customers, chronologically – News.